About Us


Our Story

Growing up in a big and busy family, cooking and baking were part of everyday life.  As part of an even larger church community, many events needed that sweet note on which to end a luncheon or the like.  My mom was traditionally in charge of those things.  The cakes were huge yet simple.  Hence started my love...

Fast forward several years and a girlfriend taught me how to make buttercream icing and how to frost a cake.  A cake on fondant from a local candy store caught my eye.  Then it's like everything else in my life...  Dive in head first and go for it.  I taught myself to hand dip chocolates and make pastries.

My love for all things sweet made it easy to share with the world.  And so here we are.  Want that sweet note for your event?  Let us whip it up for you!

Meet the Team


Sweet Genius and Chief Dishwasher

Julia grew up in a home that was always busy cooking and baking.  Her love of all things sweet made baking a natural fit.  Fun fact:  she doesn't like cake, unless of course it's her double chocolate cake.  She prefers fresh cherry pie, which only comes along once a year.


Chief Operating Officer and Art Director

As the oldest son, Stuart makes sure that everything runs smoothly.  He takes turns with his younger brother in the kitchen and always asks what he can do to help.  He specializes in sports logos.  Fun fact:  Stuart does not like chocolate.  Like at all.


Chief Flavor Maker and Head Taste Tester

Jacob is has an amazing knack for flavor combinations.  This talent comes from his ability to take things apart and rebuild them.  He also loves to taste those combinations by scraping the bowl with a rubber spatula.  Fun fact:  Jacob loves broccoli.

Next Steps...

Do you like what you see?  Ready to taste what we can bring to your event?  Call us today to place your order!